How to modify a Krups Coffee grinder for finer and coarser grinding

Several years ago I received a Krups grinder as a gift. I use it to grind coffee beans before making french press coffee. On the coarsest setting the grinds were still too small for french press coffee. I took apart the grinder and removed the limit which allows me to have a much broader range of grain size.

This is the grinder:

Step 1: Remove the front knob by pulling the knob off with a pair of pliers. You may want to wrap the pliers with a cloth so it doesn't scratch the knob.

Step 2: Remove the side knob by pulling the knob off with a pair of pliers. Be careful as there is a pin with a small spring that may pop out. I almost lost my spring. The arrow in the second picture indicates the location of the spring.

Step 3: The outer case is not held on by screws but snaps onto the frame. Use two flat head screwdrivers to pry it off the frame on one side. Slowly work the case off but don't pry too hard or you may crack the plastic. Once one side is off the frame the case will slide off the top.

Step 4: Remove the hopper. The hopper is held on by two screws. Once these are removed the hopper can be lifted off while still leaving it connected to the main control board.

Step 5: Remove the gear cover. It is held on by four screws.

Step 6: Remove the plastic nub that limits the amount the coarseness knob can be turned. I removed this using a diagonal cutting pliers and then filed it down smooth with a coarse file.

Step 7: Reassemble and grind!. I turned the coarseness adjustment to the finest setting and reinstalled my knob so that it pointed to the fine mark on the case. I can now turn the coarseness knob 2.5 turns. The finest setting is limited by the grinder holder screwing itself all the way to the frame. The coarsest setting is limited by the grinder holder unscrewing itself until it tries to lift the hopper. Below is grinds at the coarsest setting. They are much coarser but there were some grinds that were still very fine. Not sure why. More modifications may be needed.