Ethiopian Natural WOTE Konga (Happy Mug) and my next car

Was a bit overzealous in roasting Ethiopian beans as I attempted to roast 1 cup in ELF. The roast took over 19 minutes to complete. The roast chart below shows the last 16 minutes of the roast as I accidentally turned off the roast at the 3 minute mark.

It was about six (6) minutes into the roast that I realized 1 cup of beans was way too much to roast at a time. The beans were still green when they should have been a golden to light brown at this point. Looking back I think the better choice would have been to stop the roast and split the batch in half. Instead, I foolishly carried on.

There was hardly any noise for first crack. The second batch was the usual 1/2 cup size and it roasted much better. Planning on sticking with 1/2 cup roasts. Both batches were mixed together after roasting.

The coffee has a slight nutty flavor and very little body. Although the coffee was not bitter, it did taste stale as it had no pronounced flavor. I can't pass judgement, however, until I have a batch of properly roasted beans.

1 cup roast

1/2 cup roast

This fall I will be looking at purchasing a different car. Typically I've driven economical cars as I usually only drive to work and back as well as perform taxi service for the kids. This time I want to drive something a little more fun. I've narrowed my search down to the following cars:

  • Mini Cooper Clubman. Still my top choice. It's stylish, sporty, and fun. My only concern is the maintenance required as well as maintenance costs.
  • Ford Focus ST. Sporty and reliable although I don't think it is quite as stylish as the Mini Cooper. More reliable than the Mini but it appears difficult to find cheaper used ones.
  • Mazda MAZDASPPED 3. Same qualities as the Ford but a bit more stylish
  • Lexus IS 250. Stylish and reliability are strong points. Not as sporty as the others. Only comes in an automatic which is a bit of a bummer as I typically drive manual transmissions.

Two other cars I'm considering, but are real long shots:

  • Pontiac GTO. GM placed the Corvette engine in these cars built between 2004-2006. They are reliable and fast but dear god are they boring looking. Not really ugly but just boring. They look like a typical Pontiac. This would also mean I would drive a car at least 10 years old while I can get all the others in 2009 or newer models.
  • Chevy Volt. This seems out of place with the others but used ones are available really cheap. I'm still doing research but if I can someone tinker with the programming of the car to adjust how much power is channeled to the tires from the electric motor, which I want to program to be all of the electrical power, then this choice moves nears the top of the list.
Hopefully I'll get to drive most or all of the cars above to determine which one I like the best.