Colombian Santa Barbara (Happy Mug), next features for ELF

After many roasts I've finally settled on a roast profile for Colombian beans that I like. First crack occurs around the seven (7) minute mark while the beginning  of second crack occurs around the ten(10) minute mark, at which point I stop the roast.

Coffee sits for a few days and is delicious. Smooth, slightly nutty, and clean finish. Perfect coffee for every day.

This is inspiration for adding automated roasting to ELF. First I must finish the following features I'm currently working on:
1. Fixed axis charts so roasts can be compared to one another.
2. Ability to export the chart along with the notes as an image.
3. Add marking capability to the chart.

I've finished the first two (2) items and only have number 3 remaining. When I started working on number three (3) I began reworking the design of some of the software. As always in software development, what once seemed like decent software now seems clumsy after revisiting months later.