Colombia Santa Barbara (Happy Mug)

 I ordered five (5) pounds of Colombian, Ethiopian, and Sumatra at the same time from Happy Mug. This is the last of the Colombian. I was alternating between roasting Sumatra and Colombian with Ethiopian and Colombian. This exhausted the Colombian supply quickly. I did this so I would always have some good coffee to offer guests since the Colombian always seems to come out nicely regardless of how it is roasted. It is always clean, nutty, and never bitter.
I did two batches. The first batch took over twelve (12) minutes to reach second crack so I increased the temperatures a little sooner. Maybe as the beans gets older it takes higher temperatures to get them to roast within the same time frame as when they are fresh.

I forgot to use the new marker feature. Must remember that for next time.

With this roast I attempted to use Internet Explorer for the web interface. That did not go well. The ALT key brings up a special menu in IE. I resorted to installing Chrome on my old Windows XP machine.  Not sure what to do with the web interface at this point.  I haven't heard any complaints from the many folks who requested the software. Maybe they are all using Chrome also.