Ehiopian Natural WOTE Konga (Happy Mug)

I've roasted these beans several times to the start of 2nd crack. The resulting coffee is OK but lacks any nuttiness or depth. This time I decided to roast these through 2nd crack for a roast close to a Vienna roast to see if the flavor would improve.

Three batches were roasted. The second batch exposed a bug in my roast profile software. I used a profile to roast the first batch. When I started the second batch it did not reload the profile but instead started at the last temperature from my first batch which was 450. I let this batch roast the entire time at 450. It finished in nine (9) minutes while the first batch took almost twelve (12) minutes.

The coffee rested for 5 days. The flavor of this roast was better than previous roasts where I stopped the roast at the beginning of 2nd crack. It has a slight charcoal flavor, like most dark roasts, but it is pleasant as it fades quickly and it not overbearing. The flavor is fresh with no bitterness. Although it still lacks a strong nuttiness or tangyness, like the Colombian or Sumatra beans I've been roasting, this roast works for a daily drinker which I need since I still have a couple pounds left of this bean.