Sumatra Boru Batak (Happy Mug)

With these three (3) roasts I have finished roasting the last of this bean.  I stuck with the roast profile I've developed for this bean on all three (3) batches.  The last batch was 3/4 cup instead of the usual 1/2 cup since I didn't want to roast a small 1/4 cup batch.

The same day I also roasted some Ethiopian beans. I waited five (5) days and then made my first batch of coffee. I've noticed that all the coffee I've roasted lately, which includes the Colombian, Ethiopian, and Sumatra, are not as tasty. They have the same flavors but the flavors are not as vibrant. Maybe the beans are too old as I ordered these beans last winter. I ordered five (5) pounds each of the Colombian, Ethiopian, and Sumatra which will last for almost a year. Next order will be half that amount to make sure none of the beans are older than six (6) months.