Papua New Guinea, Peaberry (Portside Java)

My wife informed me of a new coffee place that opened near where she works called "Portside Java". Apparently they roast their own coffee and sell green beans. She purchased three green varieties for me to try.

The first one I tried was a Peaberry from Papua New Guinea.
Batch 1

Batch 2

Batch 3

I had trouble getting any sort of first crack. The first batch I roasted past second crack because I mistakenly thought it was still on first crack. The next two batches were stopped at the beginning of second crack and there was still no first crack. Next attempt I will begin the roast at a higher temperature. The three (3) batches were mixed together so it will be a blend of some dark roast and medium roast beans.

The french press was used to make a batch of coffee after the roasted beans had rested for seven (7) days. The flavor starts with a slight burnt taste. This is probably due to the one batch being roasted past second crack. The flavor quickly transitions to a slight, pleasant nuttiness and finishes with a subtle tanginess. Once I get a consistent roast I think this coffee will be very tasty as this batch was still enjoyable despite being a blend of three (3) different roast profiles.